Friday 1.8.19

Face Time

I spent my morning working around the north end of Level 3, handing out Matchbook Poems. It gave me a chance to find out what people do and how they feel in their space. It took 2 hours to get through this much, just under a quarter of the company. By 11am, I realized I hadn’t eaten and retreated for supplies.

Efficiency in Design
As I wander through NBBJ, I’m struck by the sheer efficiency of the building. Nothing left to chance. Everything tidy, clean and useful. Things are either being used or being cleaned to use or are sitting at the ready. There are no impediments to forward motion. If people wanted to, they could just as easily jet about the place with propane packs on their backs. I think the building would keep up. A few clean-edged things are being ported about, up and down the stairs. The air sounds as if it’s being clean too. But what to do here, with my urge to niche, hole up, dirty, humanize, give texture to, make intimate, mar, soften? What to do with all these lines? I spent time hanging over the banister. I spent time on the stairs. They spoke to me. They said bulges. They said bread. They said blueberries. Melons. Dirt. Grass. Hay. Clay. Mud, paper, velvet, chalk. If it takes the quantifier "some," we want it.

What's Your Plat?

Laura, the librarian, was in and gave me a comprehensive tour of the NBBJ library. O la! I was shown the old plats of Seattle and the books on art and architecture and all the periodicals. I checked out 3 new books and have reason to come back.

Rowing Buddies

I told some of my friends I’d row them home if they wanted after work. One took me up on it. She lives in Fremont and works in Pioneer Square. So Kate shows up at 5pm, in full regalia, rain pants, jacket with hood and boots. Did the wind or rain or falling night deter Kate? No. She’d even brought a headlamp. Smart Kate. I, on the other hand, after 3 days of fine weather, had told myself, forget the boots, forget the extra jacket, the emergency poncho. What are the chances you'll need it tonight? Lighten up. So there I was, in a suede jacket with canvas work pants and leather shoes. Hah! I was drenched through by time we made Fremont. I raced to my office and took an extended hot shower. This is my most recent hard lesson in being prepared.

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