Thursday 1.7.10

Image by Sean Airhart/NBBJ Seattle

The purpose of the rooftop garden is:
1. to distract (but the door is heavy)
2. to expand (but the rails are strong)
3. to command (captain my captain)
4. to invite (but O the weather)
5. to pretend (to a ship, a farm, an island, a state of mind, a democracy)

A Day of Corporate Meetings

I had 3 meetings today. How accomplished I feel! How well used! How well distributed! I was part of a brainstorming session mid-day, which gave me a fabulous appetite for imagining in 3-D. I got to peek into those big floppy books with lines that make one feel as if I they were a little plastic figure, legs in a permanent lunge, stuck to a base. Moving through the white spaces, I realized how square the world is. Where will the green things live? Where is the warmth, the heart? What is happening here? Where is my refuge? To where on this page will I drift—the center, the pockets, the fringe? Must I hide in myself? And what of the ceilings? Must I imagine? You can live on a ceiling, you know, if it’s nourishing enough. Think of the New York Public Library! I know, these are only lines on a page, only paths. But what if someone were to break the line, we all know there are fence breakers in this world, would we learn from it? And what would we learn? What is impossible and what is determined? What is imposed and what is offered? Would we learn?

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