Monday 1.18.10

The Blue Line at NBBJ

I confess. I did not row to work today either. Wow. I did not even go to work. My, my! What’s gotten into the poet?! I’m still recovering from Saturday. Seriously. I fought the urge to go into work all day. Let it go. When I finally forgave myself, I was able to realign my goals. What do I need? I need rest. What do I need? Materials to work. What do I need? Space to think, time away from my desk. There’s soooo much coming in, from all directions, and it’s glorious, but I need a few hours in the shade. So today I gather supplies. I went to Artists & Craftsmen, Fred Meyers, The Goodwill and Lighthouse Coffee. A long good coffee is a tool too, a tool for thought. My nervous system was flickering & twitching all day. I made the right decision. Go eeeeeasy, little poet. Finally, at around 6pm, I felt like I might be improving, regaining balance. After a meeting on Capitol Hill & an airport drop-off, I went in to NBBJ. Sure it was 9:30pm and everyone was gone, well everyone but Terry. He was at the window, looking out and waving, when I came up the alley. Hello, Terry! He’s working late again. He's the one who outstays me in my area. I came in tonight to lay blue tape. I wanted to get the work done, to keep from disturbing the peace during the day. I wanted to leave the fun work for the morning. I took time to explain to the cleaning crew. Well, I'm just going to leave this long blue line on the floor everywhere. It's an art project. Niko told me about the ghosts she’d seen. She told me she read the columns. She told me about the ideas she has for an art project. Do it, Niko, do it. I went away once for supplies and came back. After 4 cups of tea and 1500’ of tape, I pulled it off, the last bit of tape, and said, “I’m done.” It was 2:30am. I drove home & fell into bed.

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