Monday 3.1.10

A Fortune Is Coming Your Way

I announced The Color Stone project today, posting signs inside for the NBBJ workers and in the windows for residents and delivery persons in Alley 24. I left a healthy stack of Color Stone wallet cards on the common tables at NBBJ then wandered around the block, handing out Color Stone Fortune Cards to the commercial business operators down Yale, Thomas and Pontius.

Fortunes Based on Original Writing & Observation of Color Wall

I met lots of friendly and receptive folks as I went around the block. Pemco and Vulcan, who own this land, make a point of leasing to single-owner, local businesses and thus supporting the community model at Alley 24. Having dropped into every single business for a chat, I can say it makes a huge difference! The owners were naturally vested in the community. In most cases, I was talking to the owner and they were, across the board, interested in me and my project. Nine businesses currently operate around the block: Southlake Grill, MAD Pizza, Snowboard Connection, Tottini, Golf, Velocity Design, Espresso Vivace, Spa Blix, Bebi’s sandwich shop and Stretch Physical Therapy.

The goal was to assign significance to the colors in the light wall. The wall is floor-to-ceiling, in the main lobby at NBBJ, and faces the alley. It is clearly visible to anyone passing by in the alley. The colors are vibrant and change hourly. I had the idea to imbue them with meaning so they'd become common signifiers for the workers, residents and users of Alley 24. They are especially visible early and late in the day, but you can see them on a bright day if you get close or look through the apertures on the solid side of the wall. Color Stone is a Cornerstone that combines fun and myth to build community. Happy Fortunes to you all!

Stepping Out

I’m working now with the Alley 24 Leasing Office to prepare a final project, an alleyway project, called Migration. It's still a secret, but once permitted I'll announce details and a date. I hope to install in the next few weeks. The Color Stone and this final alleyway project are my ways of gently transitioning from private to public space, a sort of backward permeation. Moving towards the community seems a natural way to go, considering the careful intentions of Alley 24.

Towing the Line

I removed a significant portion of The Blue Line today which, for me, marks a significant shift. Those who saw me doing this questioned me. The first woman to remark said she was just back from a long stint out of state. It was her first look at The Blue Line. She didn't want it to go. I said, “It’s sad, but it’s got to go.” She replied stiffly, “Why does it have to go!” Hmm. Tough question. I gave her a few poorly thought out reasons then questioned myself. Does it have to go? Now? And why? I continued pulling up the line, questioning my reasons. Within a few hundred feet, I came to a firm stance. Yes, the line had to go. Here are the reasons why.

(1) The Blue Line was intended as a temporary project
(2) the floor needs to be cleaned
(3) even safe release tape eventually leaves a gummy mess
(4) areas of the text have been already lost to the mop & moves
(5) we need to grieve this going & loss together, you and me
(6) it would be unfair to leave this work for someone else to do
(7) the taking up, like the laying down, will change the space
(8) this is the next step

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