Saturday 1.30.10

Dear Architect

I borrowed an overhead projector (the old-fashioned kind with the hot lamps and transparencies sheets and projection lens on an arm above) from a friend this morning, bought two replacement bulbs for it and brought it into NBBJ. It looks like E.T. sitting on my desk, with its tall twisting neck and large head. I think it’s going to be happy here alongside my old school record player. Both have metal tags that say, “Do not remove from AV Dept.” I tested the projector out on the Giant Steps with a variety of pens for thickness and writing style. To write on transparency paper so that it’s right reading on the wall, you have to face the projector, which means away from the wall, and into the blinding light. Another backward project. Great! Before I begin, I will sit with some buildings and read about materials and spaces, much in the way I approached the columns. Then I’ll sit in the space and let the building talk to me.

Alley 24

I spent my afternoon at Green Lake, collecting weaving materials, pine cones and needles. I'm not sure these are the right things, but they are working toward an idea. Still wading.

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