Monday 2.8.10

The Coffee Shop

It is cool and clear. I rowed in at the leisurely hour of 10am. I got to work at 11 and hid in the red armchair in the corner of CafĂ© Vivace. This is the beginning of the week after the-week-I-was-scheduled-to-leave. I am not sure if I am still welcome or if I am in the way. I do not yet know what or when my final presentation will be. I am waiting to hear. I am fielding small passes, “When are you leaving?” “We love having you,” “Stay as long as you can.” I’d still like to finish a few projects, address a few spaces. Slink. Slink.


I spent 4½ hours in Cafe Vivace, updating my blog. Documentation takes a lot of my time, about a day a week. From 3:30–7pm, I am back at my computer, at my desk, plugged in, dealing with mail, perfecting my blog. I left my boat at the CWB again and took a ride home. I'm feeling like a day-old balloon, wandering around low to the ground. What will become of me? Will the winds be favorable?

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