Friday 2.5.10


I spent my morning racing around Fremont and Ballard, gathering supplies for a final NBBJ project. I went to Joann’s and Fusion Beads then stopped by the bank. It's rent day today. Woe woe! I’m borrowing this month. Outside of a school loan when I was a student, this is the first time I've ever had to borrow money to pay the rent. I knew it was going to be close, what with the grant money coming in after the project is complete. A circle of stress. I did my best to relax at Lighthouse Coffee. I spent the afternoon transcribing my Blind Poet notes into my computer. I got half way through and called it a day. After writing all day, I began to recognize that the experience of sitting and listening was more important that the written results. The real results were my observations. It's good to recognize what you're doing, see the beginning and end of your work.


On top of writing in the round and documenting my activities at NBBJ, so many of my projects need transcribing into a computer to save them. What if I were to leave them to erode and fade? What if it were all to disappear? This I am ok with.

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