Adopt-A-Poet, CityArtist 2009

Adopt-A-Poet was proposed as a CityArtist project by A. K. "Mimi" Allin in February of 2009. CityArtist is a program of The Mayor's Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs in Seattle, WA. Below is a synopsis of the project proposal.

ADOPT-A-POET is a group of actions that comprise one poet seeking employment for her work. The goal is to take poetry into uncharted territories and to raise the questions of what it might mean to offer substantial payment to a poet. For this endeavor, I'll organize a month-long residency at a major corporation in the Seattle area. Can a poet successfully broker a deal with a corporation? And, if so, what does the poet have to gain? A place, a voice, a publication? And the corporation, what do they have to gain? The raw stuff of the poet, perhaps the same creative urge in their workers? Might we together gain access to what we need to thrive? Corporate art hangs in corporate entrances saying, “This is our impulse!” I want to be part of that impulse. I want to find a way to connect the work of the poet with the work of the corporation. Securing a residency at a corporation will be a success in and of itself –-a coup for poets nationwide, a shift in thinking. This project hopes to pave the way for poets and artist everywhere to begin entertain the idea of forming bonds with businesses. How are artists to change the world is they do not have a face in the workplace?

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